Birtwhistle Family History


 c1160-1425                          1425-1675                           Skipton  1675-present


e-book: Birtwhistles of Craven and Galloway




Whilst initially focusing on the various Birtwhistle families from Yorkshire, including their roots back to approx 1160, it is planned over a period of time to broaden this further and incorporate as many of the other branches of the family as practical.


Birtwhistle Family History – from c.1160


In addition to the family trees themselves, the site is being populated with details of individual family members which as this is added to the website can be accessed by ‘clicking’ on that individual’s name. With further links to photographs, letters and other related websites it is hoped to capture a real flavour of the lives of some of our fascinating ancestors.



























Oliver Birtwistle

of Huncoat Hall




John Birtwhistle

of Dundeuch






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(built on initial research undertaken by various family members from several generations but with

specific acknowledgement of the work undertaken by the late William Birtwistle and Ray Aspden)



Calton 1560-1880                           Skipton  1675-present                   Kildwick 1605-1860


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